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OnQ Legrand creates award-winning technology systems that bring entertainment, communications, and comfort into your home with style, ease, and affordability. Simply put, OnQ makes life better in every home. Their selective call intercom systems combine innovative technology with elegant design. Select from broadcast or room-to-room communication, and allow up to three simultaneous, private conversations. Based on the innovation you'd expect from OnQ installation is simple and efficient, with auto-discovery and a convenient RJ45 connection. Add to that a video camera and LCD display, and you can see who you are talking to. Need a great music system where you can choose which source and where the music gets played? OnQ has you covered for that as well.

With up to 5x the cleaning power of a standard upright vacuum and the ability to remove 100% of contacted dirt and dust, Beam reinvents the meaning of a clean home. Beam Vacuums improve you indoor air quality giving you cleaner air to breathe. Easy to use and easy to install, Beam central vacuums are a great addition to any home and that is why the Borges Team is proud to be a Beam dealer.

For more than a century, Bosch has been a leader in quality and technological innovations for auto supplies, tools, appliances, and now security systems. At Bosch, every alarm is designed with a single goal in mind, your security. Only Bosch has the unique combination of strengths required to provide the customized security solutions you need for any application. Bosch's award winning motion detectors handle the toughest applications from cavernous warehouses to homes with pets, all with quick response and superior false alarm immunity. Coupled with their simple to use keypads, Bosch systems offer a wide variety of programmable options from medical panic signals to fire detection. For these reasons and more, the Borges Team is proud to be a certified Bosch dealer.

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